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A meeting is held on the 2nd Saturday of each month and is generally no longer than an hour.




  • Provides leadership and representation, liaison with Committee and all members of Westcoast Masters

  • Presides as Chairperson of the Westcoast Masters Committee meetings

  • Attend club conferences, council of clubs meetings and attends to relevant Masters Swimming business

  • Acts as secondary signatory for Club Bank Disbursements

  • Coordinates Mullaloo Mile in conjunction with MSWA




  • Back up for president, groomed for takeover




  • Handles all correspondence, minutes meetings.  Save relevant documents, minutes and financials to G drive

  • Forward MSWA info to relevant portfolio

  • New member enquiries and Welcome letters- cc registrar, captains and coaching coordinator

  • Forward any uniform adverts to Uniforms

  • Forward any event information to Captains and coach coordinator

  • Attendance of club conferences or Council of Club meetings if Pres and VP unavailable




  • Collects and deposits all monies,

  • Provides a monthly financial statement

  • Collates uniform payments


  • Westcoast Masters is a “cashless” preferred Club, is not currently registered for GST and has no paid employee’s

  • The Treasurer is responsible for the sound/prudent financial management of the Westcoast Masters Swimming Club Inc.

  • The Treasurer is responsible for the payment of all approved Invoices (2 signatures required) and receipting of payments.  

  • Preparation of the annual financial report for presentation at the Clubs AGM (1 hour) – in terms of the Clubs constitution a formal audit of the Clubs Financial Statements are not required, however the committee/club members reserve the “right” to seek an independent review/audit of the clubs financial affairs should it be deemed necessary.




  • Organises fee update pre-registrations in Swim Central for each year

    • Competitive, Life member and Coaches options

  • Activates new/renewal memberships

  • Advises Club Captains and Safety of new members for Welcome Pack presentation.  Advise Secretary of new members to send Welcome letter

  • When checking monthly report info, advise secretary of any significant birthdays (anything with a 0 in.




  • Provides leadership to coaches and pool deck volunteers.

  • Coordinates roster for coaching and volunteers to assist Club training sessions.

  • Coordinates member involvement in development and coaching opportunities / events.

  • In conjunction with other qualified coaches, provide oversight of session programs and training needs.

  • Maintain adequate content within the training session trolleys so as to compliment training sessions.

  • Arrange annual CPR requalification

  • Arrange Annual Coach, volunteer and Committee members dinner.




  • Welcome new members, hand out club welcome packs

  • Promote upcoming events to members, with emphasis on targeted events

  • Co-ordinates swim meet entries, creation of relay teams

  • Responsible for storage of club banners and placement at events




  • Maintains medical records and attends to safety issues




  • Provides leadership and delegation of subcommittee, co-ordinates social calendar and functions

  • Rottnest booking coordination and accommodation allocation


  • Prepares yearly social calendar.

  • Coordinates the booking of events

  • Sets cost requirements in consultation with the committee.

  • Advertises upcoming events to members.




  • Prepares monthly e-News newsletter via MailChimp (more often if required)

  • Prepares as-required ad-hoc NewsFlash via MailChimp

  • Prepares ad-hoc updates to facebook page and facebook group

  • Maintains website - Annual changes to committee positions, solo swimmers, fees, any changes from AGM and minutes from AGM.  Monthly inclusion of new coaching roster and anything relevant from committee meetings




  • Sources appropriate uniform items as required

  • Co-ordinates ordering and payment of uniform orders




  • Non specific annual requirements to be discussed at first meeting

  • Support general committee and portfolios as required

  • Assist publicity with coordinating photographers/photos at events


Click here for NOMINATION FORM for Committee Position

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