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Some interesting links to assist with your swimming:


Swim in Common

Formerly known as Swim Smooth, this is an innovative swimming coaching company devoted to all levels of swimmers and triathletes. Whether you're a beginner who'd like to learn freestyle, an intermediate triathlete who wants to swim faster or an advanced swimmer looking to excel further, Swim in Common is for you.


Formidable Strength and Conditioning

Ryan and Siimon are both ex swimmers who work on strength and conditioning for all types of athletes.  They are in partnership with MSWA.

A few useful links have been included here -

Swimming Strong 1:
Swimming Strong 2.0:
Optimise your Performance By Maximising your Recovery:

YourSwimLog is all about high performance swimming, whether it's technique, drills, mental training, or trying out the workouts from the top swimmers and coaches on the planet. 

Swim Plan

Swimplan provides FREE personalized swimming workouts for all levels of swimming. Get your own personalized swim program right now. It only takes a few minutes to register and it's absolutely free! Every day you can have a different swim fitness workout to take to the pool and every program you get is personalized just for you


About Swimming

Suggestions for swimmers to help become more efficient, learn new skills, or develop your old ones.


Effortless Swimming

Videos, Articles and Podcasts


3D Virtual Swim

Look at an 'Olympic Swimmers' perfect stroke from all angles.



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